Insider Trade: Christopher Kirkland Sold 10000 Shares of Simmons First …

November 23rd, 2015 by Admin

Octafinance rate the stock as a “Neutral”. The decision is based on our live-tested stocks trend-following model, which is displayed on the chart below. The share of Simmons First National Corp is currently in a steady bullish uptrend, with the share price going up 40.85 % in the last 200 days alone.

Price Chart of Simmons First National Corporation NASDAQ:SFNC Stock

Source: RightEdgeSystems, Yahoo Split Dividend Adjusted Data and OctaFinance Interpretations

Hedge Funds Ownership

Information from Q2 2015 SEC 13F filings, show 133 institutional investors have shares of Simmons First National Corp. The institutional ownership of the company in the last...

Kcell offers credit transfer with brand switch

November 23rd, 2015 by Admin

Kazakhstan mobile operator Kcell has introduced an option for customers to keep their phone numbers and credit when migrating to another brand of the operator. Customers using services under the Aktiv prepaid network can switch to the Kcell network and vice versa in this way. The service is open to all consumer customers in good credit standing.

Price Target Update on PRA Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:PRAA)

November 22nd, 2015 by Admin

On a different note, The Company has disclosed insider buying and selling activities to the Securities Exchange, Scott Judith S, officer (EVP-General Counsel, Secretary) of Pra Group Inc, unloaded 3,000 shares at an average price of $63.61 on July 10, 2015. The total amount of the transaction was worth $190,830, according to the disclosed information with the Securities and Exchange Commission in a Form 4 filing.

PRA Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:PRAA) : On Wednesday heightened volatility was witnessed in PRA Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:PRAA) which led to swings in the share price. The shares opened for trading at $36.9 and hit $40.51 on the upside , eventually ending the session at $40.24, with a gain...

Standing On Thin Air: Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins

November 22nd, 2015 by Admin

On November 2, 2015, a sharply divided Supreme Court of the
United States heard oral arguments in Spokeo, Inc. v.
Robins, where it considered whether Congress may confer
Article III standing by authorizing a private right of action based
on the violation of a federal statute alone, despite a plaintiff
having suffered no concrete harm. This closely-watched case has
major potential implications for consumer-facing companies of all
types, as it may result either in a green light for
no-damage class actions based on technical liability theories, or
could result in a requirement that plaintiffs plead and prove some
concrete harm, which would create a major...

Congress Is Trying To Undo Oversight Of Dealership Loans

November 21st, 2015 by Admin

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created in 2011 to ensure that lenders treat borrowers fairly and transparently. However, a curious legal loophole prevented the CFPB from overseeing car dealerships, even though those dealerships broker billions of auto loans each year.

The loophole tightened in June, after charges of discrimination were leveled at several major dealer networks. Most of those networks were accused of altering their dealer reserve or markup based on borrowers race.

If youre not familiar with the markup concept, it works like this: when you apply for a loan at a dealership, the dealership calls its lending partner to secure an interest rate for you....

4 Surprising Facts About Your Credit Score

November 21st, 2015 by Admin

1. It’s credit scores – plural. You might think that you have a single credit score, but that is far from the truth. There actually are hundreds – more than 1,000, in fact – credit scores in existence. They’re offered by a number of different companies that use proprietary analytical methods to evaluate your financial history and, in turn, provide an indication of risk to a prospective lender. They often use different score ranges or categories too.

This just goes to show that you should not get too hung up on your exact number. There’s no guarantee that a lender will use the same type of credit score that you accessed, and even if it is the same...

Wealth Adviser Daily Briefing: Consumer Finance Data Still Flows to …

November 21st, 2015 by Admin

Even though banks like JP Morgan Chase amp; Co. and Bank of America Corp. moved to disrupt the flow of data to websites that aggregate consumers financial data, several services used by financial advisers say they havent encountered any problems, writes Wealth Adviser at Four services used by advisersYodlee Inc., Morningstar Inc.s ByAllAccounts, Fiserv Inc.s AllData Aggregation and Quovo Inc.s account aggregationsay they havent encountered any problems accessing data from financial companies. Anil Arora, Yodlee’s chief executive, this week pointed to an advantage that Yodlee and some other adviser-focused firms have over some of the consumer-focused aggregation...

New Analyst Information for Pra Group Incorporated (NASDAQ:PRAA)

November 21st, 2015 by Admin

Sell side brokers and analysts continue to rate Pra Group Incorporated:

The overall rating for the company is 1.67. The rating is an average of the various different ratings given by analysts and brokers to Pra Group Incorporated, and then averaged into one rating by a team of analysts at Zacks in Chicago, Illinois.
For Pra Group Incorporated, the numerical average rating system is as follows:

  1. Strong buy for PRAA
  2. BUY for PRAA
  3. HOLD for PRAA
  4. SELL for PRAA
  5. Strong SELL for PRAA

Pra Group Incorporated Historical Information

Historically, Pra Group Incorporated has been trading with a 52 week low of 32.49 and a 52 week...

A personal credit directory introduced by EasyCredit

November 20th, 2015 by Admin

So EasyCredit could be very helpful to both lenders and the borrowers. This website does not only link lenders and borrowers but also helps in comparing the rates and terms offered by different money lenders so that one doesnt go of spending a lot of heavy interest rates. EasyCredit also offers the facility of calculating the loan payback installments before you take the loan which ultimately helps in deciding the money lender offering the easiest installments. Privacy is also taken well in consideration by Easycredit they keep ones personal details well-protected.They also provide credit and financial management tips as well to help you improve you credit standing.

Apart from...

Ally Financial a step closer to paying dividend on common shares

November 19th, 2015 by Admin

Ally Financial announced Thursday a regulator’s decision that brings it closer to paying its first dividend on common shares, the lender’s latest turning point in its recovery from the financial crisis.

Detroit-based Ally said the Federal Reserve has given it permission to buy back the last of preferred shares whose terms have restricted it from paying the dividends. Ally, which went public last year, employs roughly 800 in Charlotte, where its CEO works.

Ally said the redeeming of the roughly 1.2 million in remaining Series G shares in December will remove the dividend barrier. The former financing arm of General Motors Corp. issued the shares to generate capital...